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MPHA needs your help! Since our original database was corrupted several years ago , this database is in the process of being reconstructed and updated. Not all of the information has been entered and/or validated. We are hoping the members can assist us in correcting any issues. If you find any information that is incorrect or out of date, please let us know. At this time you must enter at least part of a horse’s name to perform a search. If you need definitive information about a horse’s status, please contact the registrar via email.

If you cannot find your horse in a search, try searching on part of their name. For example, instead of searching on “Rockin’ R Jezibelle” (which is not found), search on “Jez” and you will see the actual horse listing does not contain an apostrophe. Often times a name like “Morning star” has been listed as “Morningstar”, try searching on morning or star and you will find your horse in the list.

What does the status letter mean?

O = Original (forefather to Foundation horses)
F = Foundation (original examples of the breed)
P = Purebred (both parents are P,F,or O)
A = Appendix (1 parent is not a registered horse)
U = Unknown

This is an ongoing project and your patience and support are greatly appreciated by the Mountain Pleasure Horse Association. Enjoy!

Please email Robin Little-Basil with any updates or questions.

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